Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mr. Luthor

Not an original creation this time, but when I'm at work I usually don't want to think that hard. That being said, I actually DID put some effort into copying this one from the George Perez design. This was my first Lex Luthor, and even though I've grown to appreciate the scheming billionaire he's since become, there's something FUN about Superman fighting a bald super-genius in a bright green-and-purple suit. I don't try to understand it, I just embrace it. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Aristotle Cooke

Since most of you have seen my other characters before, I thought I'd start by introducing one I think only a handful of you have seen: Aristotle Cooke. Aristotle captains the space freighter Argus and is my resident "mad-scientist type..." until I get around to creating the mad scientist I've been working on. He's a great pilot, a mechanical genius, and a bit of a "stuffed-shirt." He is my outlet for any (misguided) feelings of superiority I may at times experience and a great character to role play. Here's one of my earliest sketches of him; you can also see him in the title bar of this blog. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.


Welcome to the brand-new, completely official, soon-to-be-often-imitated-but-never-duplicated, Brand X Creations sketch blog! Since I haven't updated the actual Brand X site in months, I'm going to ease back into the online arena with this blog.

I'm planning to post a new sketch, comic, or other piece of art every day or so to keep me drawing... help keep me honest! Check back often and leave your comments. Thanks!