Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Expectations Be DARNED

 Today's XKCD comic hit my brain like a TRUCK. Every once in awhile the creator, Randall Munroe, experiments with different storytelling styles or far-out ideas, but today's "Click and Drag" really surprised me. Reminiscent of the Infinite Canvas described by Scott McCloud, today's comic went on... well, nigh-infinitely, it seemed to me. I spent quite a long time exploring and letting my mind wander as I marveled at the sheer scale of what he'd done. I thought to myself:
  • How long did this take? He must've been working on this (in addition to the regular strips) for MONTHS
  • Does it end? Does it loop? How many directions does it travel off into?
  •  Is there a perfect way to "read" this, to see everything in one sweep?
  • Is this a commentary on life, and how there is no single, ideal linear progression? Just opportunities to explore and discover?
  • Are those Warp Pipes?
If that all sounds ridiculous and heavy, well... XKCD frequently is. Today's was extra special, though (as even Comics Alliance noted) so I had to share. Be sure you click and drag it.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is This The End of Paragon City?

On this, the One Year Anniversary of the last time I properly updated this blog, I thought I'd write about something that's been hitting me a lot harder than maybe it ought to: the end of City of Heroes. For those who are unfamiliar, CoH is a super hero themed MMORPG, and the first online game of its type that I ever explored. The characters I created, the friends I made, and the adventures I had still mean so much to me... more than some of the other nonsense I've played since. Back when I was actually properly updating this blog, I did a sketch or two of my favorite characters (and my friends'). Wozar still appears in the banner for this blog.