Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whip it... but not "good," apparently.

Found this sketch while cleaning my desk at work last night, so rather than post something I'm semi-proud of (which I actually have, believe it or don't)... we'll post this work-in-progress.

When I was in sixth grade, I created a whip-slinging super-hero character named Whiplash. I made a few comics with him in grade school and always played with the idea of his character over the years after, but that's about it. I've often tried to re-design him so I can use him in a slightly-more-serious hero tale; I even "created" a 12-inch action figure version a while back.

(I was going to crop that image a bit more, but then I realized LEGO Indiana Jones & his dad made it into the shot, so I had to leave it as-is.)

Anyway, this sketch is based on the action figure design. The goggles came out more like poindexter glasses than I'd been hoping and he isn't quite as visually dynamic as I'd have liked (which could be why I buried this in my desk), but it's an interesting sketch.

Click the thumbnail for a larger view:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sometimes, I like to draw...

... this is one of those times. It's also one of the few times I actually made an effort to ink and color everything, so, WOW. Crazy.

Last weekend, we all finally got together to game. It had been far too long and it was AWESOME. Instead of the usual role-play stuff, Adam & I went nuts and bought a bunch of HeroScape stuff and played THAT with the gang. It was a blast, and I look forward to doin' it again soon.

The star of the entire thing quickly became Krug. For a tiny little piece of plastic, he was certainly loud and obnoxiously hilarious. He was King of the Mountain; he was a hit with the ladies; he was unstoppable in his Command Center; he was the envy of all the players on the board. I think Eden's army finally killed him (or maybe they killed all my dudes, I don't remember now). Anyway, I knew he had to be immortalized by my pen. Or something.

Click the thumbnail for a larger view... and, if you like,click here to see how we'll roll NEXT weekend.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Earth-38, Part 4

I can't ever keep track of all these new Earths! Apparently I was wrong, Batgirl of Earth-38 is NOT dating Captain Marvel (which some found scandalous anyway); turns out she's currently seeing Plastikman.

Oh, the DRAMA.

Anyway, Plastikman brings great times and great tunes to the Justice League's already-rockin' Moon Base. He prefers to lay down minimalist techno in the classic Detroit style of the early 90's, but he can rock with the best of 'em as well. He always says that if the criminal masterminds ever settle down, he's going to form a rock band with Green Lantern, Starman, and Captain Atom... cruisin' the cosmos in search of sweet licks and epic riffs.

Click the thumbnail below for a larger view.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Special Effects

Well, it took me over two months from initial sketch to finished product (much longer than it should have)... but I'll blame the holidays or work or not working or whatever. Either way, I think it's finally done: The image of Wozar, battle-ravaged and weary, looking to the skies.

I added shadows, which I always do. I then added hilights, which I almost NEVER do... but I'm going to START doing. I love how it came out. The final image with the star field and the eerie lighting actually washes some of it out, but I think it still looks fairly awesome.

Enough jaw-bonin'. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

EDIT: I took down the crazy slideshow; it was barely visible and the silly thing sucked up bandwidth like there's no tomorrow. Instead, I'm posting this sweet desktop I made myself that, after my staring at it for two days, I'm now convinced is better than the original. Decide for yourselves... IF YOU DARE.