Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sometimes, I like to draw...

... this is one of those times. It's also one of the few times I actually made an effort to ink and color everything, so, WOW. Crazy.

Last weekend, we all finally got together to game. It had been far too long and it was AWESOME. Instead of the usual role-play stuff, Adam & I went nuts and bought a bunch of HeroScape stuff and played THAT with the gang. It was a blast, and I look forward to doin' it again soon.

The star of the entire thing quickly became Krug. For a tiny little piece of plastic, he was certainly loud and obnoxiously hilarious. He was King of the Mountain; he was a hit with the ladies; he was unstoppable in his Command Center; he was the envy of all the players on the board. I think Eden's army finally killed him (or maybe they killed all my dudes, I don't remember now). Anyway, I knew he had to be immortalized by my pen. Or something.

Click the thumbnail for a larger view... and, if you like,click here to see how we'll roll NEXT weekend.


Kevin said...

Oh god, that's so great. So unstoppably great. I've only got one problem, and this is only because Krug threatened to haxxor me like he did the FBI if I didn't correct it: It's "The Command Center" not his Control Room. Apart from that, though, he looked it up and found out that you're a pretty cool guy. Not as cool as him, but he might hang with you and drink some organic beverages sometimes.

Chalsie said...

Good post.