Monday, January 14, 2008

Earth-38, Part 4

I can't ever keep track of all these new Earths! Apparently I was wrong, Batgirl of Earth-38 is NOT dating Captain Marvel (which some found scandalous anyway); turns out she's currently seeing Plastikman.

Oh, the DRAMA.

Anyway, Plastikman brings great times and great tunes to the Justice League's already-rockin' Moon Base. He prefers to lay down minimalist techno in the classic Detroit style of the early 90's, but he can rock with the best of 'em as well. He always says that if the criminal masterminds ever settle down, he's going to form a rock band with Green Lantern, Starman, and Captain Atom... cruisin' the cosmos in search of sweet licks and epic riffs.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that's too funny. Me likes!

Dania said...

Wonder what Catwoman's like on Earth 38...