Saturday, January 12, 2008

Special Effects

Well, it took me over two months from initial sketch to finished product (much longer than it should have)... but I'll blame the holidays or work or not working or whatever. Either way, I think it's finally done: The image of Wozar, battle-ravaged and weary, looking to the skies.

I added shadows, which I always do. I then added hilights, which I almost NEVER do... but I'm going to START doing. I love how it came out. The final image with the star field and the eerie lighting actually washes some of it out, but I think it still looks fairly awesome.

Enough jaw-bonin'. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

EDIT: I took down the crazy slideshow; it was barely visible and the silly thing sucked up bandwidth like there's no tomorrow. Instead, I'm posting this sweet desktop I made myself that, after my staring at it for two days, I'm now convinced is better than the original. Decide for yourselves... IF YOU DARE.


Kevin said...

Someday I gotta get Wozar's story out of you. He looks wicked badass.

The Ninja said...

That's HOT SHIT!

Could you draw Connie Chung, topless, with her lower half replaced with an octopus?