Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whip it... but not "good," apparently.

Found this sketch while cleaning my desk at work last night, so rather than post something I'm semi-proud of (which I actually have, believe it or don't)... we'll post this work-in-progress.

When I was in sixth grade, I created a whip-slinging super-hero character named Whiplash. I made a few comics with him in grade school and always played with the idea of his character over the years after, but that's about it. I've often tried to re-design him so I can use him in a slightly-more-serious hero tale; I even "created" a 12-inch action figure version a while back.

(I was going to crop that image a bit more, but then I realized LEGO Indiana Jones & his dad made it into the shot, so I had to leave it as-is.)

Anyway, this sketch is based on the action figure design. The goggles came out more like poindexter glasses than I'd been hoping and he isn't quite as visually dynamic as I'd have liked (which could be why I buried this in my desk), but it's an interesting sketch.

Click the thumbnail for a larger view:

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