Friday, February 1, 2008

More of the Folly of Youth...

Ah, some more creations from my younger days, updated and revitalized and made dorkier. Agent Crackshot and The Paladin were the special agents I created when I was in junior high school after my grandfather gave me my first rubber-band gun (it's a wacky story, but it's totally true). They were the head of their own special group of hi-tech espionage agents; they had flying cars and laser guns; they were always on top of every situation; they were everything I thought was cool.

... it was not until years later than I realized I had just re-created Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Oh well.

Anyway, here they are, recently re-drawn and updated. Sometime I may post the original designs (and those for Whiplash), but they're semi-embarassing. So probably not. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view:

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The Ninja said...

No, my friend, you are wrong. You did not "just make Nick Fury."

We all had our fantasies when we were kids. We all loved the super-spy James Bond character. We all wanted to BE that character. That character is perfect. The dream we had is unique to us all.

Marvel takes these primal fantasies, rips off an existing franchise, takes old idea, packages them up the same way every time and rams them down our throat again and again. There is nothing new there, and their idea wasn't any more creative than yours.

But yours had the dream of childish innocence, and that is always more awesome. Your dream is the real thing. Nick Fury is a thousand of those dreams covered in chocolate and sold for $2.99. They do not compare.

Besides, your group is a duo and they have cooler callsigns.

Remember, it isn't about the gimmick, it's about the writing. It's about what you do with it. You don't have to invent the gimmick to tell a great story. Just tell a great story. Dredge up those feeling and make something original and screw all those Marvel b#%@^es.

And no more of this "I guess I came too late" crap. Not when you're comparing yourself to a corporate machine that makes it's money by reinventing EVERYBODY ELSE'S crap.

Keep up the most excellent good work. Loves the sketches.