Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's My Motivation In This Scene?

... you folks are, among other things.

Alright, no sketch tonight, but let me "lay it on the line." I've been frustrated with myself and my art lately. Haven't been doin' much lately (as I'm sure you've noticed) and it bugs me. I was chatting with a good friend this weekend about doing some comics or something, and I realized the following

  • I haven't posted a new comic at since December '06. Yikes.
  • I haven't scripted (let alone DRAWN) a comic in nearly that long.
  • My penciling, my inking, and my coloring have IMPROVED. A lot.

I don't like to brag. It makes me feel like a jerk. But all of you, my friends and family, have been so supportive I feel like I can and should. I also feel I should do something with that support.

I've been saving some cash and thinking about buying a new computer (RAPID TOPIC CHANGE). I'd like to use it for art, drawing with a tablet and doing more with PhotoShop and maybe other high-end programs. So I'm making a deal with myself and with all of you, if you'll help me.

I want to post at least THREE new drawings a week (two pencil sketches and one full-color image). Starting tomorrow, Monday February 11. I'll keep this up for a solid four weeks. If I can do that, I'll buy myself a new computer for my birthday.

This post is getting REALLY long, so I'll try to wrap it up. I'd like to ask all of you to keep me on the straight-and-narrow and make sure I do this. Comment and critique if you like; make your requests for sketches; give me grief in person. Whatever. I just miss drawing and I think NOT drawing is makin' me crazier than normal (which I'm sure you all know is really sayin' something). I'm hoping this will help motivate me and that I can have some fun in the process.

Alright, thanks for listening to me rant. Expect a drawing tomorrow (or later today, depending on when you read this). Thanks again to all of you who support me and put up with me.


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Yeah, I almost DID draw Zod, too. So it ended up being Fate before Zod.

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