Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Meta-Human Millionaire

I'm a bit tardy this week, so I'm skippin' directly to the fully-colored image. I'll still post at least two more pencil sketches, but I've been working on this one for a bit anyway and I'm excited to post it.

Ever since I finished my Wozar "action" shot, I've been planning to give the other heroes from The Professionals that sort of special-effects treatment. Naturally, the first one I considered was Fab CEO. This is NOT that image (I'm still working on it mentally), but I did a quick sketch of him last week at work to get back into the groove of the character (and he's certainly groovy, I hope you'll agree). That sketch (on a 3x5 note card) turned into an inked-and-colored study in FABULOUSNESS which I now present to you. My friend Jim always knew how to create fun characters and this one is still my favorite. Enjoy this "classic clipping" from an old issue of The Professionals, and watch for a high-powered image of the Meta-Human Millionaire coming soon.


Kevin said...

I only wish I were around to fight evil in Paragon when he was kicking ass there as well.

Love the sketch mang. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

AH ... but you know zat ze Annoying Frenchie wuz de faa-voo-rite of Jim :) Even sooo ... ze Fab CEO iz tres' magnifique!

Commander X said...

I know... and I have Big Plans for Frenchie, as well. But Fab was the first I met, so he's still the first character I think of.

I'll try to be less selfish, next time... ;)