Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Festus D. Zuniga

I love how every once in awhile, a sketch will come out of pretty much nowhere. This one isn't EXACTLY like that, but it's pretty close.

I've been trying to design a possible nemesis for Captain Aristotle Cooke forawhile: A stone-cold strategist and cool thinker like Cooke... with his own "moral" code, sort of similar to Cooke... but unlike Cooke, this guy is a ruthless killer. I don't have too many characters that are really THAT evil (which is probably good), but I've been playing with ideas for one. Yesterday he emerged... while I was preparing to work with young children.


Don't worry, I put this sketch (and any thoughts of creating evil people) away before the kiddies sat down. After work I finished him up though, and aside from a strong resemblance to a smooth-headed Klingon, I think he looks pretty wicked. I guess we'll see if this pitiless bounty hunter, part-time assasin, and former war profiteer takes any jobs in the future.


Kevin said...

You know, when I first saw him just real quick, when I glanced at the sketch before I started reading the post, I thought he was a ferengi.

I think I like him. Looks wise he is badass and creepy. We'll see how he plays out eventually.

Commander X said...

You see Ferengi, I see Klingon... apparently I need to be drawin' some Star Trek aliens next, 'cuz they must be on my mind.

The Ninja said...

Make him work for the RIAA. That would make him really evil.

Dania said...

Is it bad that I see the Yellow Bastard from Sin City?