Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gas Light Genghis Khan

So it's time once again for another round of "I-Don't-Know-Who-I'm-Drawing-But-Oh-Well." Sometimes it's fun to just get a basic outline of an idea and design a character as you go, filling in the back story and purpose-for-being later.

This guy originally started out as one member of a group of hired mercenaries for the Steampunk RPG; he's ended up becoming a criminal kingpin of the highest order (sort-of). A silent Moriarty-style mastermind (I think). He looks ridiculous and I love it. Next time I'll spend more time on his levitation boots, since they're way too clean and stream-lined to be "steampunk."
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Steampunk Blues

Tonight, Friday, just doesn't FEEL right. I had a great Thanksgiving (featuring the First Annual Laundrie Family Turkey Bowl Presented by Nintendo Wii)... and I enjoy time with my family. Still.


Which would normally mean jammin' with The Soular Caddilacz and some hard-core Steampunkery ROLE-PLAYING madness (and/or watching of ridiculous comedy films). I look forward to this craziness all week.


Here's a video of how it normally goes. Yeah, everybody's probably already seen this. I'm always two or three years behind everything awesome. I'm posting it anyway, and pouring out a 40 of Mountain Dew for my absent homies or something.

[Click Here For The Original]

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Seventh-ninths in ten Earth seconds!

Alright, I've got Internet! I'm on vacation, visiting family, so there's no real posting of sketches to speak of. I will, however, still attempt to post! This is quickly turning into my YouTube dump anyway, so I may as well continue down that path.

I've seen these in magazines and I WANT THEM, but I'm not yet fabulously wealthy so no luck there. Still, this infomercial is darned informative and I thought I'd share it with you.

'Sides, Christmas is comin' soon...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Color Me (Almost) Finished

Stage Four: Flat Colors! Again I break the coloring portion of the project up, laying down the simple flat colors first (with some gradient exceptions) before moving onto the shading and other lighting effects. I'm going to be experimenting with hi-lites this time, too, something I don't often attempt. So that should be interesting.

Not sure how much time this will take me, or how much time I'll have this weekend to take care of it, but I'm going to start it at least. Next week I'll be on break, so there probably won't be much to see here on the Brand X Blog. Thanks for checking back, though!
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holy Toledo

I have nothing to say on this... other than, "Thank you, Tammy, for changing my life." [Also, partially colored Wozar comin' tomorrow, for those of you who are interested.]

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's like Night & Day...! *cough*

Alright, so here's the version with finished inks. To ME this stage adds quite a bit to the image and really makes it pop; hopefully you'll notice it too:

I've only got the coloring to do now, which will either be the quickest or the longest part of this project, I can't tell yet. It always amazes me how I absolutely cannot EVER estimate that beforehand. Some images color very quickly, while others require crazy effects and take me forever. I'll keep you posted on my progress there.

Also, in case the differences really don't seem significant to you, I'll post this side-by-side in an effort to justify my taking an additional day (or two) to finish this:

Monday, November 12, 2007

Back in (Partial) Black

From time to time somebody will ask me how I go through the process of actually FINISHING a pencil sketch with inks and colors, so I thought I'd post an image of each stage of that process. There are plenty of different ways to do this, but this is how I learned and what I continue to do.

This is Stage Two: Partial Inks. I've taken the pencil sketch and inked in the major outlines and details. I've still got some more inking to do, but this is the first pass I normally make. Most cartoonists determine their light source and make thicker lines opposite that source as they go to indicate shadows. I do the same thing, but I usually do it after this initial inking stage. It's more time-consuming, but it's easier for me to keep it all straight. I've tried doing it as I go before and it just results in me swapping pens every three seconds and making a muddy mess at the end.

After the thicker shadow lines I'll add some more texture and detail (but not too much, since I plan to color it after). A plain black & white image would have more texturing done to indicate the different colors; I won't need to do that here.

Click the thumbnail below to cut the art lesson and see a larger view.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Look to the Skies...

Again another week passes with no post from me; I'm horrible, I know it. I just wasn't sure if it would be in good taste to post with things so crazy after the escape of Sikstus Seethar. I think I'm ready now, we haven't heard anything since the initial break-out.

Today I've posted an initial sketch I want to do of Wozar. I've been reading my insane super hero comics lately, where people get smacked about and worlds collide and universes die and the variant covers are usually ugly. I was wondering how my super-characters would handle it, so I set pencil to paper. I plan to finish this (inks and colors), so stay tuned for that. For now, click the thumbnail to see what I've got so far.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Santa-Saurus Updates

For those of you who are interested, I've placed a small space for "Santa-Saurus" links to the right of these posts, under my Contact Information. I hope I won't need to update it too often, but some people have asked about Santa-Saurus' past crimes. Click the link(s) to learn about them.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hey folks, sorry there was no sketch yesterday. I was planning to try a picture of a witch (since that was subtly requested almost a MONTH ago), but I was held up helping a former associate. Dr. Scheffield is a toy historian (who is a toy herself) and professor of the action figure occult. She had bad news: One of Santa-Saurus' chief supporters has escaped. Even though Santa-Saurus itself is dead, this is trouble indeed.

Most of you remember the Santa-Saurus scare of '05, but for those of you who don't, I have this chilling image to offer you:

I've asked Dr. Scheffield to post my notes from the near-disaster on her blog, which she will do soon. In the meantime... remain vigilant, read the doctor's blog when you can, and keep a close eye on your toys. This could be another rough Christmas season.