Thursday, November 8, 2007

Look to the Skies...

Again another week passes with no post from me; I'm horrible, I know it. I just wasn't sure if it would be in good taste to post with things so crazy after the escape of Sikstus Seethar. I think I'm ready now, we haven't heard anything since the initial break-out.

Today I've posted an initial sketch I want to do of Wozar. I've been reading my insane super hero comics lately, where people get smacked about and worlds collide and universes die and the variant covers are usually ugly. I was wondering how my super-characters would handle it, so I set pencil to paper. I plan to finish this (inks and colors), so stay tuned for that. For now, click the thumbnail to see what I've got so far.

1 comment:

The Ninja said...

Awesome! This is really different than your usual work. It feels a lot more active. There is really something HAPPENING in this this shot. Stylistically it seems like you're experimenting a little more too. Love it!