Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Expectations Be DARNED

 Today's XKCD comic hit my brain like a TRUCK. Every once in awhile the creator, Randall Munroe, experiments with different storytelling styles or far-out ideas, but today's "Click and Drag" really surprised me. Reminiscent of the Infinite Canvas described by Scott McCloud, today's comic went on... well, nigh-infinitely, it seemed to me. I spent quite a long time exploring and letting my mind wander as I marveled at the sheer scale of what he'd done. I thought to myself:
  • How long did this take? He must've been working on this (in addition to the regular strips) for MONTHS
  • Does it end? Does it loop? How many directions does it travel off into?
  •  Is there a perfect way to "read" this, to see everything in one sweep?
  • Is this a commentary on life, and how there is no single, ideal linear progression? Just opportunities to explore and discover?
  • Are those Warp Pipes?
If that all sounds ridiculous and heavy, well... XKCD frequently is. Today's was extra special, though (as even Comics Alliance noted) so I had to share. Be sure you click and drag it.

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Budd said...

that was pretty cool. my work computer is laggy so I can't enjoy it to its fullest here. I heard there is an x-wing in there somewhere.