Monday, December 17, 2007

Earth-38, Part 1

Since the end of DC Comics' "52" mega-series, the Multiverse has been officially back for Superman, Batman, and all the rest. Not-quite-infinite Earths for there to be a not-quite-infinite number of crises on. Oh boy.

I was not a fan of this.

But THEN I discovered the heroes of Earth-38. They're pretty cool. Here's a sketch of that universe's totally rockin' Starman. I think I'll do their Green Lantern or Batgirl next... click the thumbnail for a larger view.


The Ninja said...

Man, there is so much stuff I need to read now. That looks sweet!

Kevin said...

Holy christ on a bucket, he's got my hair and chops!

Commander X said...

... and Rosco's shades, and your coat, and your taste in belt buckles. What a strange coincidence.

Kevin said...

Holy shit. This is nuts.

Could it be? Are we on Earth-38? Is my name really Jack Knight?

I don't even know but I'm kind of stoked.