Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dragon, Forced

... well, not exactly. I just thought the title was semi-clever given my recent taste in over-the-top music videos and I WAS too lazy to actually finish the sketch completely. Although, in my defense, I did run out of paper...

Alright, enough excuses.

This sketch is a slightly updated version of a character I created for a point & click stlye video game in high school that never happened... and then for an animation that never happened... and finally for a childrens' book, which DID happen. I might have to do something with him again in the future, he's fun to draw; I just need to draw his legs next time.

Click the thumbnail for a larger view.


MrA said...

Dragon's + Children's Book = No two children who's heads are not on fire

Kevin said...

I dig the sketch, but I do have one criticism that probably doesn't hold much water to begin with. You did some coloring, but you left the jacket and shades with your penciling. It just looks odd to me. I feel like it should've stayed pencil or gone full color. Apart from that, though, it's clean as hell. I love his sassy grin and gun fingers, and the line work is, as always, inspiring envy within me.