Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Yet another random sketch out of nowhere. Sometimes it's nice just to play with the smooth lines and wacky curves and see what happens. My style is so cartoony, and I fight against it so often, it's also nice to just go with it and see what I come up with.

Someday I'll sit down, give in, and dump the sci-fi action and super-heroics (at least temporarily) and just create a silly, random cartoony-thing. Like THIS. They're fun and easy to draw... ah well, I'm rambling. Take a look, leave your comments, and I'll do my best to post again before the week's out.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about WHAT you draw - just draw :) Let it flow when inspiration hits. You might find some of your best work that way.

Commander X said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement, Willo, and for the constant support... it's always good to see your comments. I hope life is treating you well... thank you again for checking in.