Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fuzz of The Future

I plan to start drawing some Commander X comics again soon, but I want to put more time and effort into designing their world first. One of the things I never liked about the "Fortune-Cookie Fiasco" was how little time I left myself to flesh out the world I had them running around in. The police cars that chased them were especially lousey, so I started there to have them ready for the next comic I needed them in. This was a quick sketch so I'm not too bothered that the lettering is crooked, but I'm going to have to try and make the next flying car I design look a little less like a DeLorean (the kids were very supportive and complimentary, though). Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

Fuzz of The Future


The Ninja said...

It looks angry. There is also something strange about the front end I can't figure out. It looks a little like a pack of cigs.

Where these the main cop cars for the "space cops," or some kind of local authority?

This is the sort of thing Photoshop does crazy good, if you're crazy good at it. You add nutzo lighting effects and the car gets that polished metal gleam, with the lights actually looking like lights.

Photoshop is pure evil. It taunts us with it's promises of easy awesomeness, and then laughs at me when I actually try to figure anything out.

You have a good idea here though. Flesh out the items. Keep creating. The individual things will inspire the larger things. Saves work later. Character driven stories are always described so simply. Flesh out the characters, and then the story writes itself. If only it were that easy though.

The only crazy thought I had was based on some cable cars we had in Ikoma to get up the mountain. The city thought it would be cool to make them look like cute animals, and now they look retarded. Can't you just see a city deciding to do something lame like that to a cop car, for PR? All the cops are driving around giant advertisements for the future's equivalent of Hello Kitty. That would be hilarious.

But that's why I ask if this is a local thing, or the big guys?

Commander X said...

I think PhotoShop would do a much better job of showing what each of the elements are supposed to be. I need to work a bit more at my linework and stop using the PS colors as a crutch.

The long bar is supposed to be a solid light; I thought that would be an interesting alternative to individual headlights. The two indentations on the sides of the grill are supposed to be for laser emitters.

I'm not sure who these cars would belong to, and I'm not real worried about figuring it out. Just trying to practice drawing back-drops and props so I have them on file (mentally or otherwise) when I do think up a need for them.