Monday, September 24, 2007

Maniacal Metal Monday Night

Alright, I was tired after workin' today and didn't get a sketch finished. The hair rocker I was preparing for y'all is still in my desk at work; hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this INSANITY that Ken found.

Laser gun-slingin', kung fu-fightin', mystical-mojo space cowboys fighting to insane "metal" music. This will either improve your life immeasurably, or destroy your MIND. Either way, PREPARE YOURSELF.

I seriously have NO IDEA exactly what the heck this is. I'm pretty sure it's the distilled essence of AWESOME.


The Ninja said...

The band is called "Muse." Joy's cousin pointed me in their direction at the wedding. He didn't mention this song though, he just said he was listening to them a lot lately. So I check it out and find this, and it's awesome. I need to get the album.

Catherine said...

"...distilled essence of AWESOME."

With a slight hint of kick-ass, and a splash of the rad factor.

Commander X said...

I think the BEST part of it this video is that, in one "intimate bedroom scene," you can see the complete camera crew in the mirror.

... I'm praying it's on purpose.

Catherine said...

... let's hope so.

I finally figured out what was so damn familiar about this thing. The rock formations with the Statue of Liberty are on the road up to the 'rents house.

Never saw any laser-shooting cowboys though. Wish I had.