Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"He's Just a Dude, Really"

Today's addition IS a sketch, but not one of mine. My good friend Kevin has allowed me to post this MOST-EXCELLENT sketch of his creation, Thomas Deckard, on my blog to share with all of y'all. Next to it is my digital ink-and-coloring of it. As I mentioned before, I'm trying to practice doing more of that to save me time at the drawing table (when I do eventually get back to it).

Deckard is a cool character Kevin runs with online; he's a retired Marshal makin' his way through the cosmos as best he can, tryin' to follow the straight-and-narrow when those around him can't even seem to find it. My friends always come up with great characters, and (if they'll let me) I'll try to ink-and-color, then show off, some more coming up soon. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

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Sierra said...

yeah, if you are a fan of digital inking.. you'll LOVE a cintiq.. it sort of makes me sad (in a collector's state of mind) that everything awesome is not digital.. so there is nothing to own.. but as far as ease/quality.. a cintiq will make any line you draw better than what you could put on paper.

We still haven't gotten one yet. Our friend Shannon has one, and it was heaven.. she has it hooked up to one of those really cheap mac computers.. the ones that look like a brick.. real simple and cheap considering she didn't buy a fancy computer to go with it. :)