Thursday, June 12, 2008

Arcturus Wotan

Another "colorful character" from the life of Aristotle Cooke and, more specifically, The Riders in the Black. This one's even in color!

Not much has been revealed about Arcturus Wotan yet. His shabby attire is a disguise, hiding his connections to (and participation in) the wealth and power of organized crime. He's an information broker, a gangster, and a skeaze. His intel is usually good and he'll seldom stab you in the back, and the money is often decent... what he has in store for Cooke & Crew this time remains to be seen.

Also, a Blast from Cooke's Past:
Thomas Deckard
Festus D. Zuniga


Kevin said...

The drawing is hot hot hot, but I can honestly say that I do believe I hate him a lot lot lot.

And I've yet to meet him.

eden said...

He looks like a man who may need killen, or a cashcow. Either way he should keep in mind that when I do a job I get paid.

He looks awesome ^_^