Tuesday, October 2, 2007

From Out O' The Black He Rode, A Stranger...

Yeah, I've been bad. It's been a WEEK since I posted anything, sorry. But I've got a great excuse: I started a new job! I'm a part-time language arts teacher at a great elementary school. I only work in the morning, so I can still tutor at night AND substitute on Fridays. I was a bit tired getting used to the new schedule, though, so I slacked off on posting.

I've been doodling, but I haven't really done anything I felt was worth posting until today. I posted this a short time ago, and I've been itchin' to draw Kevin's character myself ever since. This is my first attempt, and I hope it's alright. I had to improvise on the boots a bit...

So Kevin, if you're reading this: This one's for you, dude. Keep creating these awesome characters for me to draw. And if you're not reading this: Dude, seriously, what the hell?

Click the thumbnail for a larger view.


The Ninja said...

Gratz on the new job!! What are the hours there? How many classes?

Kevin said...


I am honored. Thank you kindly, good sir.

May your drawings continue to flow, unabated.

Also, I only just discovered that I can comment on your blog with my google thing.