Thursday, October 11, 2007

His Gyroscopic-Aether-Subordination Pack Revolutionized Airborne Infantry

Time for more random role-playing characters! This one is actually mine, although I might have to post another of Kevin's (and then Adam's, and then Eden's, and then Jaime's...) soon too.

Presented here for your perusal and academic edification: The honorable and oft-decorated Colonel Phineas Meriwether Hornsby IV, formerly of Her Royal Majesty's Thirty-Eigth Armored Zeppelin Division (now retired). You've seen his exploits in the penny dreadfuls of Mssrs. Barlow & Bartleby; his further adventures shall forthwith be published as a Brand X Brand Sequential-Image Narrative (patents pending). You will marvel at Hornsby's immeasurable talents as tracker, scout, hunter, man's-man and man-about-town, now put to use as a freelance finder of artifacts and antiquities from long-ago and never-have-been. He is a keeper of arcane truths and an archaeologist of the most bizarre. Gaze upon his works, ye mighty, for a mere shilling a view.
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Kevin said...

Armored Zeppelin corps.

Truly, sir, you are amazing.

Jaime said...