Thursday, October 4, 2007

Money, Women, & Cars

The Triad of True Male Happiness, or simply three things I never practice drawing? I'm sure scientists will be discussing this question for generations; in the meantime, here's proof I can draw the fairer sex every once in a great while. I already did a car and money takes forever to design properly, so this'll have to do.
Click the thumbnail for a larger view.


Catherine said...

Hey, that's pretty cool. She has rad glasses.

Dania said...

or is it just money and cars?

Sierra said...

yeah, I can't draw guys very well.. I'm not sure if it's because I'm out of practice, or if it's because I'm a girl.. and it's just easier to draw what you see everyday.


Kevin said...

Man, drawin' womens be easy.

Just get some BIG OL' BITTIES and giant 80's hair and ya'll be set.

Commander X said...

... see, Kevin, you'd THINK that was all there was to it. Last time I tried it, though, I ended up with the hair rocker below.