Monday, April 7, 2008

Byron Occulto

Little is known of the man called Byron Occulto; most scholars agree, however, that "Byron Occulto" is most likely NOT his real name. The "Bumpkin of the Bizarre" was first seen wandering the back-roads of the rural American south in the mid-1950's. When that-which-could-not-be-explained appeared, Byron would stroll from the shadows with a few words of down-home wisdom and the proper ancient incantations to send it back to whatever dark dimensional rupture it first crawled out of.

Byron disappeared for many years; most folks assumed his work to have been finished. It is only recently that he has resurfaced to bring together some of Earth's greatest heroes to battle some unknown coming evil. His comrades include The Stinging Spade, Mr. Quickster (formerly of The Professionals), The Azure Fletcher, Golden Bowman, and more. For now Occulto remains content to keep himself in the shadows; but soon the evil they face may draw him out to display his awesome mystic powers...

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Kevin said...

"Don't count yer olden-gods afore they hatch from a bloody sacrificial vessel..."