Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bartleby Garreck

From the "Tales of Ravendrake..."

At the age of twenty-six Bartleby Garreck left his childhood home behind and set out to explore the larger world. He carried in his pack his collection of picture-pamphlets (featuring the adventures of the great monster-killer W’ohe’T’zarre the Wily), which he often re-reads for inspiration and “guidance.” His most sincere hope is that someday he, too, will be the subject of tales and legends to inspire and amaze.

Bartleby is naïve and hopeful, but not entirely unskilled. He is eager to please those he adventures with and often follows their lead with little question. On occasion he has been known to step up and try to lead himself, but these situations are rare. His equipment is mostly second-hand and not always of high-quality. His pouches are filled with small charms and random souvenirs, including a set of tiny stones carved with ancient eldritch inscriptions. Bartleby has no idea what they are or what they were originally for, but he strongly believes they bring him luck. What kind of luck, however, varies greatly from situation to situation.


The Ninja said...

It kind of reminds me of old school adventure game box cover hero's. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I like Bartleby - he looks like fun :) And I tend to always root for the underdog.