Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Credit to the Force

... the Police Force, that is. He's grizzled. He's hard-boiled. He's tough. He's rugged. He's every other awesome adjective you can think of. The perps fear him, his fellow officers revere him, and the ladies want to be near him.

He's Detective Rick Blazer, the greatest cop who EVER LIVED*.

You'll be hearing more about him soon. BE READY.

*Inside my head, as inspired by this video game cop.


Kevin said...

You know, I was getting ready to engage with you in conversations about the Green Lantern, as I read Rebirth and Wanted: Hal Jordan today. But now...

You know, I just can't. My mind has been gripped in the vice-like and coffee-stained grip of the glorious Rick Blazer.

He's almost like a more badass version of Jim Gordon. He may just BE what Jim Gordon becomes when he achieves untold levels of badassery. Kinda like Goku going Super Saiyan.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think Goku is a bit whinny though? Seriously. This Rick Blazar ... he's tough!

Kevin said...

She speaks the truth. It was foolish of me to draw the comparison. Rick Blazer would destroy Goku with his severe handlebar mustache.