Saturday, April 19, 2008

Earth-38, Part 7

Wildcat never set out to be a hero... at least, not a costumed hero. As a United States Marine he was already doing good and protecting people. That would have been enough for him; it wasn't enough for some members of his platoon. They used their training to commit a series of heinous crimes and then covertly framed the young Corporal. Facing a court marshall for actions that were not his, he donned a home-made costume and fought to clear his name. A local newspaper reporter caught sight of this new vigilante in action and wrote that the masked-man fought like a wild cat: Brutal, swift, and efficient. The name stuck.

Wildcat was soon asked to join the Justice League, which the supposed-loner was (surprisingly) happy to do. He acts as a trainer and mentor to some of the less combat-experienced heroes and is only too eager to dive into any knuckle-dusters the League finds themselves in.

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Kevin said...

He is the quintessential badass, fueled by manliness and JD.